Michael has a talent for storytelling, both real and weaving tales. He also has a passion for knowledge and the philosophy behind art and life in general. Here are a few samples to start!

The Orville Norval Wardle Story
Can a Painting Save the World?

He also likes to share thoughtful and inspirational pieces written by others:

The Art Spirit – written by Robert Henri – artist, painter, teacher at the The Art Students League, NYC

“It is so much easier to assume than to prove: it is much less painful to believe than to doubt: there is such a charm in the repose of prejudice, when no discordant voice jars upon the harmony of belief: there is such a thrilling pang when cherished dreams are scattered, and old creeds abandoned, that it is not surprising that men would close there eyes to the unwelcome light. Hence the tenacity exhibited by systems that have long since been disproved. Hence the oscillation and timidity that characterize the research of most, and the indifference to truth and the worship of expediency that cloud the fair promise of not a few.”

William E. H. Lecky 1838-1903
-Irish historian, essayist, lecturer, member of Parliament, moralist, poet, political writer, politician, scholar, theologian.